What are the advantages of a school virtual tour ?

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What are the advantages of a school virtual tour ?

Create the virtual tour of your school is a way to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. It is an innovative solution who allows to attract futures students et to make them want to study in your establishment.

A virtual tour is made from a 360 degrees image stitching or from 3 dimension productions.


What is a virtual tour ?

An enriched virtual tour is an interactive virtual tour with features and customized content. Based on terrestrial and aerial shots of your establishment, this tool allows a 360 degrees navigation of your premises. A focus can be on certain infrastructures or even integrate surrounding environment for better immersion. A virtual tour allows to integrate elements presenting your training paths, associative life or another added value of your school. Many features can be added to your immersive solution such as the appointment booking module, widget integration, call to action, information points with PDF, vidéos, etc.

During an interactive virtual tour, students interested in your school and curious to learn more, can ask to exchange with school staff, via a chat or via a call to action contact. This innovative solution allows you to increase your visibility in an innovative way.

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What immersive experiences are possible with the virtual tour ?

A virtual solution of your school allows to project students in your establishment and to create interaction through different immersive experiences :

  • Discover the environment of the establishment through the visit

In 360 degrees, your students will discover environment of your school before their universities’ back-to-school. This innovative tool will showcase your whole establishment, including your classrooms, workshops and living spaces. With a virtual tour, you can gather all your establishments on the same platform.

Virtual tour of votre school can be used both internally or in externally. It is a communication tool for futur students, but also for the university, for teachers or partners.

  • Virtual tour, a way to increase your visibility and to improve your referencing

Virtual tour is a viral tool that can be easily shared and integrated in iframe on your website. Users are an average 4 minutes 30 on a virtual tour, which increases the dwell time on your website, compared to 1 minute on a website without virtual tour. Therefore, bounce rate of your website reduces. It is a 4% bounce rate for a website with a virtual tour, compared to 50% for a website within virtual tour. Your virtual solution is a communication tool who can be crucial to convince students and allows to increase website referencing of your establishment.

Digitalization of your establishment is a way to remain competitive in an increasingly competitive market. Thus, it allows you increase the number of website users on your website and the enrolment rate of your students. This innovative tool modernizes the identity of the brand of your establishment and corresponds to the expectations of a young target : your future students.

A solution accessible from computer, tablet and mobile phone

Virtualization of your establishment allows an accessibility for all visitors : students, parents, partners, teachers. They will have access to the solution, wherever and via any computer medium. Responsive, your solution can be used from computer, tablet, mobile phone and can be suitable in virtual reality with a VR headset. Since the immersive media is shareable via its URL link, it is a way to have an international target. Thus, the solution represents an important organization and time saving.

The added value of virtual tours with Virteem : a back-office for customers

Virtual tour of your establishment is a lasting tool. In effect, Virteem stands out of from its competitors with its exclusive back-office, which allows you to have complete control on your contents. Therefore, you can edit them freely, whether they are information points or call to action. Virtual tour content of your platform can envolve over time. It can be used as a medium for your virtual tours of your establishment, but also for other events, such as your open days.


The main goal of a virtual tour of your school is to attract visitors by presenting the environment and premises of your establishment in an innovative way. Your solution allows therefore to convince students to gain conversion, with a 5 to 10% higher conversion rate with virtual tours.

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