Metaverse, virtual reality & virtual fair

Virteem brings companies closer to their customers and collaborators by creating virtual spaces that allow them to better communicate, interact and train.


Web 3.0
Make your target interact and collaborate through a 100% digital digital space


Companies of the future
Make users actors with an interactive and secure training tool


Immersion 360°
Virtualize your places and events at 360° through a collaborative platform

Need to succeed in your digital transformation? 

Metavarse - VR training - Virtual fair - Virtual tour

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Chez Virteem, nous ne souhaitons pas révolutionner les entreprises mais les aider à concevoir leur passerelle vers le numérique. Pour cela, nos solutions sont basées sur des photographies 360 et de la 3D, elles sont la jonction entre deux mondes. Le but, en virtualisant un environnement réel, est d’aider l’immersion et augmenter la rétention d’informations. 

Our customers are companies that want to succeed in their digital pivot with tools that combine virtual world and real world objects. It is at this level that our team intervenes to think and design recruitment or onboarding platforms in the metaverse, virtual fairs or virtual reality training modules. 

Each tailor-made platform is enriched through functionalities (information points, chat module, integrated videos, etc.) in order to make the user an actor and allow him to no longer undergo the experience but to drive it.

We test the limits of creativity every day to meet demanding minds

vue - entreprise de réalité virtuelle
Industry 4.0

Louis Vuitton

Salon Top Marques - entreprise de réalité virtuelle
Virtual fairs

Top Marques

nord caraïbes - entreprise de réalité virtuelle
Tourism & Communities

Nord Caraïbes



Notre entreprise de réalité virtuelle vous propose une palette de solutions de virtual tours, virtual fairs, virtual reality and metaverse
tailor-made regardless of your sector of activity.

Human ressources

Onboarding, recruitment, modernize your tools with the metaverse


QSE, prevent risks in business and train your employees thanks to VR

École &

Improve your open days and attract new students with a 360° experience

Institutions & tourism

Gain visibility and communicate in an innovative way via the virtual tour.

Why us?

A team of experts

With 10 years of experience, Virteem brings user experiences to life through virtual.
Avec un savoir-faire complet, l’entreprise de réalité virtuelle accompagne ses clients de la réflexion du projet à l'analyse des retombées.

création - entreprise réalité virtuelle

Our processes in 4 steps


Reflection around your needs and creation of the appropriate virtual platform

Back office

Integration of a handling module to manage content independently

Server hosting

Hosting on secure servers in France with no user limit

Statistical follow-up

Data collection according to GDPR standards and analysis of statistics in real time

illustration - entreprise de réalité virtuelle
An SaaS agency

What are the advantages of a SaaS solution?

Au-delà de virtualiser des lieux au travers de visites virtuelles, salons virtuels et outils de formation, l'entreprise de réalité virtuelle a pour volonté d’offrir une prise en main complète de nos solutions à nos clients.

Cases studies

salon virtuel Cora

How did Cora bring together more than 850 remote suppliers and buyers to make their purchase offers?

formation réalité virtuelle_Novo Nordisk

How Novo Nordisk increased IT security assessment pass rates with gamified training?

visite virtuelle Crédit Agricole

How did Virteem increase the number of applicants in the recruitment process for Crédit Agricole Île de France employees ?

visite virtuelle CY

How did CY Cergy Paris University experience a 24% increase in attendance thanks to the Virtual Open days?

Our references

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