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 Create your own immersive universe

1. Virtual tour

Virtual your premises into a meeting and communication tool

Virtual tour is the medium awolling you to bring your target into a virtual universe according to your brand.

Virteem realises customizable and contextualized virtual experience solutions. You offer an immersive experience to your customers and employees and they keep control of their navigation. Information points, interactive maps, call to action, video, revolutionize the access to information thanks to interaction allowing a smooth and optimized clickstream data.

In addition to being a visual support that allows to magnify the access of information and to retain 80% of what the users sees, our objective is that the user no longer undergoes the information but lives it through an experience unique.

étude de cas solution virtuelle

A virtual solution for your communication 

Cultural promotion

Virtual tour of museums, territories ...

Business tool

Virtual showroom, production site visit …

Corporate identity

Visit of infrastructures, open house day …

Learning support

Onboarding of employees, training …

image IA

2. Virteem Companion (AI)

Transform the management of your internal documentation with Virteem Companion, a generative AI combining hermeticity, efficient centralization and accessibility on all devices, for a seamless and innovative experience.

3. Virtual Reality

Train your staff with virtual reality

Virtual reality is one of the big bets for effective, innovative training and awareness-raising. Virtual reality training immerses the user in a 100% digital universe, with a VR headset that recreates real-life situations, enhancing users' retention of information.

The solutions are designed with unity technology. Each view can include an integrated video to provide information or present your company's premises. These virtual reality training solutions therefore represent educational platforms for employees, helping to ensure their safety.


More withhold information


More commitment


Of success to trainings

5. Virtual exhibition

visite virtuelle école

A virtual space with 4 490€

Virteem allows you to create an immersive and fortified virtual fair thanks to technologies of virtual. Thanks to a 360 degrees navigation into the space of your choice, organise a digital fair to gather your customers, employees or suppliers in remote.

Evolving and intuitive solution, our agency realises virtual fairs according to your needs : job fair, supplier fair or even open house days, our goal is connecting participants creating interaction.

Various features

3 dimensions booths


Instant chat

Push notifications

Search bar

Appointment module

5. Metavers

How to begin in metaverses as a business?

Do you want to begin in web 3.0 and succeed your transition to digital technology ? There are plenty of possibilities to get in metaverse, linked to virtual reality, virtual tour, 3D, virtual fairs. So, as a company, invest in technologies 4.0, yes, but for who ? For what ?

When we got out of games, uses still little known in France are however plentiful and have a real added value for several business lines. Our products 3.0 expert team for companies help you to define your digital project according to your needs, to move from a simple effect of a buzz to a solution which allow a return on investment.

Entreprise experte metaverse_art

Immersive solutions have a lot of advantages for your company and your employees :

Gather in remote with a digital solution
Differenciate its content online
A better withhold information for users
Allow a simplified access to information
Inculcate a better message comprehension
Permit an efficient navigation
VR - AR - IA - 3D

With a restrictive view of metaverse, people have major projects that don’t match to the target and represent big budgets. Regarding the transition to digital technology, technologies 3.0 are finding their place in society, in particular in professional field. It’s essential to be accompanied to define a topic, a budget and an appropriate deadline to your activity and your products.

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